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Building a Community

As our parents planted for us, so we plant for those who come after us.


The mission of The Jewish Community Foundation of Central New York, Inc. is to create endowment funds to ensure the continuity of Jewish life and meet the changing opportunities and needs of both the local and worldwide Jewish community.

This teaching has been, and continues to be, an important part of our Jewish heritage and tradition. Accordingly, we make a promise that a strong and vibrant Jewish community will be here for our children, for their children and for their children’s children as it was for us. We will make this possible through endowment funds that ensure the continuity and vitality of Jewish life in Central New York.

The goals of the Foundation shall be to:

  • Provide donors and their philanthropic Jewish interests with opportunities for giving that are simple and meaningful.

  • Serve as the local depository of endowment funds for the entire Central New York Jewish community.

  • Assist donors in identifying programs and organizations that can benefit from endowment funding.

  • Create a philanthropic environment to make giving relevant and meaningful to people of all ages.

  • Function in a manner consistent with the best principles, traditions, and teachings of our people.

  • Operate with support from and support for the Jewish Federation of Central New York.

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