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You Are Changing The Future

What is the future you see for the Jewish Community?

What experiences inspired your Jewish journey? 

What steps can you take now that you know can and will inspire future generations? 

These are among the questions we ask ourselves as we consider what legacy we want to leave in the world. Legacy gifts are meaningful because nearly everyone has the power to be a legacy donor. We may not have significant income during our lifetime, but after we are gone, we will leave behind assets such as a retirement plan, a house or a car. Designating a portion of these assets to the organizations that matter most during your lifetime will help celebrate your legacy for future generations. 

Each of us has the responsibility and desire to take care of our families after we are gone. Making the commitment of a legacy gift does not take away from our ability to take care of our families. Jewish tradition teaches that one of our key duties is to make the world a better place for future generations. Legacy gifts allow us to do just that by sharing our Jewish values and setting an example for our children. 

Planned giving represents a shared commitment by individuals and local agencies and congregations to work together to secure a vibrant Jewish future. 

Quick Reference Guide to

Planned Giving

Use this planned giving quick reference guide to help determine the best strategy for achieving your philanthropic and financial goals.

For further information or assistance, please contact Michael Balanoff at 315-445-0270 or

If Your Goal is to:

Then You Can:

Your Benefits May Include:

Make a quick & easy gift

Avoid tax on capital gains

Deter a gift until after your lifetime

Received guaranteed fixed income that is partially tax-free

Avoid capital gains tax on the sale of a home or other real estate

Avoid the two-fold taxation of IRA or other employee benefit plans

Simply write a check now

Contribute log-term appreciated stock or other securities

Put a bequest in your will 

(gifts of cash, specific property, or a share or the residue of your estate)

Create a charitable gift annuity

Donate the real estate or sell it to a charity at a bargain price

Name a charity as the beneficiary of the remainder of the retirement assets after your lifetime. 

An income tax deduction and immediate charitable impact

A charitable deduction plus no capital gains tax

Exemption from federal estate tax on donations

Current & future savings on income taxes plus fixed stable payments

An income tax reduction plus reduction or elimination of capital gains tax

Tax relief to your family on inherited assets

(Contact your financial advisor to find out how this could work for you.)

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